Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

At North Carolina based Stanford Manufacturing, design is part of a total product development solution geared toward reducing cost and time-to-market. With this concept comes responsibility for the total project. Our specialties include design engineering, testing, manufacturing and assembly.

After drawings are finalized, the customer can examine the 3D product prototype for fit and function. Early design input minimizes problems with processing and changes can be made to the design until the prototype meets the satisfaction of the engineers and the customer. Tooling can be optimized using the approved prototype to determine how the plastic resin will flow through the mold before any tooling costs are incurred.

Our engineers are responsible for:

  • functionality
  • process flow and production planning
  • ease of assembly
  • tooling options
  • cost analysis
  • time-to-market
  • maximizing efficiencies
  • quality standards
  • alleviating environmental concerns
3D Solidworks CAD design
3D autocad design

3D Autocad Design

3D solidworks design

3D Solidworks Design

tooling design

Tooling Design

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